• Hamburg High School Laboratory Policy for Regents Science Courses

    1.    Students are responsible for all of the laboratory work conducted during the course.  Lab grades make up a part of each quarter grade.

    2.    Students must have a minimum of 30 satisfactory written laboratory reports (1200 minutes) on file in order to be allowed admittance to that course's Regents examination. 

    3.    The criteria for a satisfactory laboratory report are:

    • The student must attend and participate in the lab activity.
    • The laboratory report must be complete.
    • Diagrams and/or graphs must be completed and labeled as required.
    • All calculations must be shown.
    • Complete sentences must be used to answer questions when so indicated.
    • Answers to questions must show effort on the part of the student and demonstrate an understanding of the purpose of the lab activity.

    4.    A student who misses a laboratory activity for any reason must make arrangements to make up that lab activity immediately upon his/her return to class.  Any lab activity not made up within two weeks after the student's return can no longer be made up and a zero will be assigned for the lab.

    5.    Laboratory reports will not be accepted beyond the end of the marking period in which they are due.

    6.    A letter describing this policy will be sent home to the parent/guardian of each student enrolled in a Regents Science class at the beginning of the school year.

    7.    Letters will be sent home every quarter to the parent/ guardian of students who are deficient in their lab work informing them of the deficiency.