Union Pleasant Elementary School

Welcome to Ms. Takacs' Room!
 Please support Union Pleasant Elementary School in our quest to bring Channel 7's Andy Parker and his Weather Machine to the school.  The presentation is upbeat, edge of your seat and filled with energy as the secrets of the atmosphere are unlocked and demonstrated. ​ ​The weather machine is capable of producing all types of weather elements, from actual tornadoes and lightning to snowstorms.​  ​

​Please take a few moments out of your day to vote.  
Go to  hamburgschools.org/unionpleasant to find the word of the day as well as a link to the voting site.  Simply select Erie county, Union Pleasant Ave, and type in the word of the day.  ​  The word of the day can also be found on the Union Pleasant PTSA Facebook page and voting can be done directly at weathermachine.com

There is no limit to your voting power.  Vote as often as you can from now until March 15 at 8pm.  Friday's word of the day, cooler, will work all weekend long.

​PLEASE share this request for voters with your friends and family.​

First place is within reach! With your help, I'm confident we'll get there.