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    As I have mentioned before, I often use Remind to inform parents of important information.  If you haven't signed up yet, I would highly recommend it.  Directions are provided on this website.  
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    Current Module:  Module 3, The Fertile Crescent, Mesopotamia, and the Persian Empire 
    These are the projected dates (this could change) for each lesson in this module. Announced and unannounced quizzes with be given throughout the Module.  Students are encouraged to look over their Social Studies notes every other night for about 5-10 minutes.  Vocabulary is important, but is is more important that students have a strong understanding of the Main Idea(s) within each lesson.  They must be able to understand and explain the "Big Picture."
    11/27-12/11    Lesson 2   The Sumerians (includes time in class for project)
    12/11-12/17    Lesson 3   Military Empires
    12/18-12/22    Lesson 4   The Phoenicians
    1/2-1/5            Lesson 5   The Persian Empire 
    Students must remember to keep their earbuds and/or headphones in their lockers, we often use them in class. 
    There are many activities and resources within the online textbook.  If you do not have access to the internet at home, please let me know.  I will provide your child with a hardcover textbook to borrow when needed.  It has the same information, but does not include the short video clips or interactive segments.  All students have access to the school Chromebooks approximately 3 times per week.   
     Project on Mesopotamia:  Students will create a brochure on Ancient Mesopotamia.  They are to use their textbooks along with "Mr. Donn's" website (the link is found under the heading to the right, Web Resources).  Students were provided very specific directions to follow and were also given a rubric.  ALL projects must be turned in on Tuesday, December 12th at the beginning of class. We will work on these in class, but the children must also work on them at home.
     Thank you for your patience with the new student e-books, it is very much appreciated.  I have been in contact with the District Technology Department and they have offered some tips if you are having difficulties signing in.
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    This website will be updated periodically, the best way to keep up with important information is to sign up for REMIND.  It is free, a specific number will be provided to parents in the beginning of the school year if they chose to use this tool for communication. 
     Here is the link to sign up for REMIND, a wonderful resource for parents and teachers alike!  It is truly beneficial as I often send out copies of review sheets, reminders for tests and projects. My class website is not used for those purposes; REMIND is much more user friendly and faster to use.  

    Supplies for Social Studies (everyday) include: earbuds/headphones, binder, composition notebook, paper, pens/pencils, colored pencils, scissors and a glue stick.  It is very important that students come to class ready to learn. Please check your child's planner to make sure they are completing their homework.  Homework is expected to be neat and accurate.  It is provided to reinforce concepts taught in class
    Music Lessons  Many students take lessons and miss classroom instruction.  Certain activities/discussions cannot be duplicated.  In this case, students will be given reading material in order to be provided with the same information.  Students are to sign out and verbally let me know the day before their lesson.  In the event of a Chapter Test, I always have the children reschedule their lesson.  All homework is expected to be handed in the day it is due.  Students need to come to my room during Study hall/DEAR to get the classwork/homework that they missed. Thank you for you assistance with this matter.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at