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    ...love reading...  
    ...two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by
    and that has made all the difference... 
    Robert Frost 
    List of school supplies for 2017-2018
    ELA: 1 red folder and 1 composition notebook (if you haven't been in my class previously, you'll need a 1" binder and 5 dividers as well)
    Math: 1 yellow folder
    Freshmen: $5 for school lock

    Everyone: 1 lock for gym locker (or $5 for a school lock), 2 boxes of tissues, disinfectant wipes, 1 bottle of hand soap or antibacterial hand sanitizer, several pens/pencils for personal use

    2017-2018 Academic Lifeskills - English Language Arts
    This class will focus primarily on basic reading and writing skills.  Students will be reviewing important grammar for functional writing and learning comprehension strategies for a better understanding of not only reading tasks but also verbal and written directions.  A large focus will be placed on increasing vocabulary to work students towards greater independence in their lives.  Technology will be infused into the curriculum and students will use the Internet, Google, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher to enhance their knowledge.  Different classes will be reading different novels during the second half of the year and various writing assignments will be completed for different purposes throughout - job applications, stating and supporting opinions, persuading others, giving directions, and stating and supporting factual information.
    2017-2018 Academic Lifeskills - Math
    Please note: this is not your typical math class!  According to the requirements for your child's final graduation credential, and to meet IEP goals, I am responsible for providing functional math skills for greater financial independence.  Because of this, your child will be working mostly with creating budgets, bank account management skills, credit cards vs. debit cards, job interviewing skills, qualities of positive workers, elapsed time for tracking work hours, reading and understanding paychecks, making change, and learning the financial responsibilities of renting an apartment, owning a home, and/or owning an automobile.  Naturally, we will continue to refine the automatic and relevant functional mathematical skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  We will work with realistic word problems driving successful problem solving of future mathematical-related issues (ex: how big of an area rug do you need to fit the size of the room?  Will your bed fit in this size room?  What time does the movie start and how long does it go for?  Do you have time to meet your parents for dinner after?).  Calculators will be used often and timed tests will be given to reinforce and strengthen automatic skills every other day.
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